Exponential Growth Game Show


Exponential Growth often defies logic. In this digital storytelling challenge, teams will create a short game show that tests the audience understanding of the fundaments of exponential growth.


Here’s a conundrum: A biologist has put a single bacterium in a jar with unlimited nutrients at 11:00 pm. The bacteria double every minute. The jar is exactly full at midnight (an hour later). At what time was the jar half full?

  • A) 11:30 pm
  • B) 11:45 pm
  • C) 11:59 pm

Only one of the above answers is correct. Create a video (about 3 minutes) of a game show that answers this question on exponential growth as well as one or two others which the team will create.

The game show will have 3 so-called math experts. For each question, one expert will tell the truthful answer, while the other two experts will try and sell the viewer on the veracity of their incorrect answers. May the truth win out.

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