The Game’s Afoot – A Board Game About Math (or anything really)



Math challenges abound in all of your favorite board games. For example, what are the chances of landing on Boardwalk and Park Place? How many rolls of the dice will it take to get to the billiard room to ask about Colonel Mustard with the wrench? In The Game’s Afoot, your team combines game design elements with one of the following mathematical concepts to create a new, non-electronic, math-based game:

  • Building and interpreting functions
  • Transformations (rotations, reflections, & translations)
  • Vectors
  • Modeling (geometric, graphical, tabular, algebraic, or statistical)
  • Probability

One can also apply relevant science or engineering principles. The resulting deliverable will be a documentary of the development and design process that concludes with your peers playing the actual game.