Water Corruption: Investigative Report (ST)


In this Challenge, your team must research the source, cleanliness and rechargeable nature of your community’s water supply. Then, identify a plausible threat to that supply: contamination? development? accessibility? Create an on-the-scene investigative report as if that threat is coming to pass, detailing a) the problem; b) what could have been done to prevent it; and c) what is being done to contain or fix it.


The Project: Your town’s public drinking water supply is being threatened and there is a crisis. Your challenge is to create a television news segment investigating the crisis and what can be done. Here is what your team needs to do: 1) research your municipal water supply; 2) identify the greatest real potential threat to your water (how vulnerable is your water supply?); 3) now assume the threat is happening, and a crisis is unfolding; and 4) create a 2 – 4 minute Special TV News Report about this crisis that features your news team covering the events taking place. The focus of this news report will be on short-term consequences and then an analysis at what could have been done to anticipate and prevent this disaster. In the end, this Challenge asks your students to assess the local measures in place to keep your community’s water supply safe and clean.