Build-A-Career Workshop (ST)


Can you afford …to be what you want to be? Only one way to find out: research the profession. There are two possible avenues to continue down: research the average salary and create a budget from the salary. OR, build and evaluate a function for a company of your career that calculates the yearly cost as a function of how many employees there are, considering how much the company makes and spends, employee salary and base costs.


You’ve chosen a career! Congratulations! Your family and friends are concerned that you won’t be able to support yourself with this career, so to allay (or increase) their worries, you have decided to create a video letter to your friends and family explaining the economics of your career and whether it really makes sense. You have two options: you can choose a career, research salaries, and break it down into a one-person budget along given categories, or you can come up with an idea to start a company in your chosen field and create a linear function that details its projected expenses and profits – a sort of fiscal business plan. You can also, as a result of your research and analysis, conclude in your video letter why your chosen career is NOT economically feasible, if you so choose!


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