Meridian Stories

Message From the Executive Director

Recognition for educational innovation is not easy to come by. I am proud to report that Heather Sinclair, a teacher at Wiscasset Middle School in Maine, was recently recognized by Maine Association of Middle Level Education for her work with Meridian Stories in the classroom. Awarded the Exemplary Practice Prize, the award cited the following:

Allowing student choice, focusing on collaboration, research and planning, and creative expression through technology meets all the core needs of adolescent learners. The wide variety of topics available through Meridian Stories encourages teachers to learn more about differing topics and promotes interdisciplinary work. The focus on collaboration and team building, as well as ownership of both timeline and product encourages a positive yet challenging work environment for students, and encourages teachers to support rather than step in and do. Meridian Stories has researched the role of creative expression in student learning. Students are completely in control of their own work, which requires their active participation in a variety of roles within each project.

Heather’s words, not mine. Congratulations!

– Brett Pierce [email protected]

Under the Radar

I had the pleasure of meeting David Weinstein, the founder of Write the World, a global online community for young writers age 13 – 18. This is an amazing digital platform. It is global. It is creative. It is based on a peer feedback mechanism that engages youth with each other’s written works. The foundation lies in monthly competitions that are framed by highly thoughtful and creative writing prompts. In some ways, it’s a different iteration of Meridian Stories. Whereas we are all about digital literacy, Write the World is all about textual literacy: helping youth to master their understanding of self and the world around them through the written word. I encourage you to join their community of young writers and educators.

Featured Meridian Digital Storytelling Project – Op-Ed Text Alive

Speaking of WRITING, here is one of my personal favorites Meridian Stories Challenges…Your team is going to write a short Op-Ed piece. Now typically, when you write a paper, the reader is the one who supplies the meaning.  In this Challenge, you get a little more control over that relationship! Your team is going to visually ‘produce’ your Op-Ed piece using primarily text, voice-over, music, and sound effects. Imagery may be added to enhance the words on screen that are driving your digitally produced Op-Ed.

For the full, free 12 page Curricular Challenge, Click HERE

Featured Meridian Resource – Video Editing Basics

Post-production is the process by which your video footage is edited into a completed visual story, and then is combined with the audio tracks that can include voice, music and sound effects. Often the post-production process can take longer than the shooting itself. Check out this guide to the basics of video editing, the first phase in the post-production of your Digital Storytelling Project.

Featured Student Work – OP-Ed Text Alive – “Video Games”

This week’s featured Digital Storytelling Challenge showcases a response to the Op-Ed Text AliveChallenge above. These middle schoolers bring to life an Op-Ed piece that they wrote in defense of the educational power of Video Games. Sprightly, funny and well argued: enjoy.

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