The Home of Curricular Digital Storytelling for Grades 5 – 12

What Is Digital Storytelling?

Digital Storytelling is the capacity to communicate using text, sound, music and imagery — still and moving.

Four Curricular Content Areas

Meridian Stories offers unique digital storytelling projects that are aligned to your curricular content areas.

Language Arts


Gifted & Talented


Meridian Stories in 40 Seconds

With schools involved across the English-speaking world, the Competitions — 15 per year — are the soul of the Meridian experience. Beginning with engagement, the students journey through curricular exploration and story creation, and end in media production. The results are two-to-four minute digital stories that are uploaded to the Meridian Stories site for all to see; are evaluated by outside media professionals and educators (the Mentors); and awarded placement and digital badges.

Explore Student Work

Looking for inspiration to integrate digital storytelling into your classroom? Here are some of the best student submissions. See how they’ve effectively incorporated course curriculum into their work.

Check Out the Book

Brett Pierce, the Founder and Executive Director of Meridian Stories, puts digital storytelling into your hands in his new book from Heinemann, Expanding Literacy: Bringing Digital Storytelling into Your Classroom.

How can we make meaningful, thoughtful digital storytelling a standard, best practice in schools? Expanding Literacy offers a specific project-based learning angle that can be meshed with any traditional and non-traditional curricular topic and is flexible enough to be applied to almost any content area.

Expanding Literacy book cover