Audio Portraits: Characters in Time


In the tradition of the Federal Writers’ Project, create a first-person audio portrait of a real or fictional character from a historical period in which you are studying.


The Federal Writers’ Project employed thousands of writers, editors, historians, researchers, art critics, archaeologists, and geologists who had lost their jobs in the Depression. Americans from every background and color were interviewed, and the result was a cultural portrait of cities, states, and regions of the United States of unparalleled detail. Your first-person audio portrait should attempt to enrich your audience with as much detail as you can about the culture, religion, folklore, music, organizations and institutions, language and dialect, superstitions, medical remedies, and lifestyle of the person – real or fictional – that you have chosen to interview. You may choose to remain in the Depression, or cover any other period of importance in 20th century US history, from the Roaring 20’s to the Beat Generation.

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