WWI Radio Drama (H)


Pick a pivotal moment in WWI and create a radio drama about it, bringing the audience into the room when that moment occurred or when a critical decision


World War I started in July 1914, hurling Europe and the rest of the world into a grueling four-year long conflict that would ultimately reset the balance of geopolitical and economic power for the next century. By its very scope and the broad ramifications of its outcome, “The War to End All Wars” was necessarily a composite of many discrete but crucial battles and strategic decisions. In key moments, had a leader chosen an alternate course or decision, the outcome could have been radically different, perhaps even altering the course of the war. Choose one such critical ‘turning point’ event in World War I. Then, using real (and if desired, imaginary) characters from this pivotal moment, dramatize that moment in a 2 – 4 minute radio drama that captures the significance of this event.

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