Who or What Am I? (H) (LA) (ST)


In this Meridian Stories Minute, the individual or team challenges the rest of the class to identify the mystery information at the heart of their short narrative.


The Project: Imagine your students writing something like this: “I am an animal that is of a dark green and blue mix, although there are some of us that are wholly blue. I have one claw known as “the crusher” for killing prey. What? You think I live in trees and fly around in the air? You are mistaken. I live in the ocean. I have a hard shell that I shed up to 15 times before I become an adult and take residence in the sediment at the bottom of the ocean. Cold or warm water, you ask? Cold. Decidedly cold. …” And on that goes for another 30 seconds. This is at the essence of this Meridian Minute: researching and creating a short video story that brings to life a topic – a theorem, a species, a literary character or concept, a historical moment – in a relatable, fun and humanizing way. And the answer to that evolving narrative? The lobster.