What If?…in a Tech Minute (H)


What if there were Smartphone apps available during key historical moments? How would that have changed history? This Meridian Minute explores that ‘what if’ scenario in a news report format.


It’s clear that technology has a huge effect on our lives today. Modern innovations such as GPS, cars, and refrigerators are incredibly important for us to carry out our daily tasks. However, these inventions did not exist for the majority of human history. In this Meridian Minute, you will explore the impact of today’s technologies by placing them in history…to see how the story might have changed. You will research a historical event, choose a technology (from a select list – the focus here is on Smartphone apps), and explore the effects it could have had on your event. For example, how would Instagram have affected the outcome of D-Day, if at all? Once you have chosen your What If? event and technology, you will create a 60 second “news report” explaining the role of your select technology in this re-imagining of your select historical event.