Time Capsules, (I Mean) Flashdrives! (LA) (H) (ST)


Creative digital project that asks students to look at a STEAM or History topic of your choice – one that is ‘formative’ or still revealing itself to us – and create a time capsule with three objects inside of it that indicate the past, present and projected future of your topic.


This project can be the start of a tradition at your school. It first involves teams of students looking closely at a topic that is in a seemingly perpetual formative stage – our understanding of outer space, climate change, neurology, early childhood development, …capitalism, gender identity, the European Union or immigration. It then asks you to create a uniquely designed narrative around that topic as seen through a past, present and future context. The ultimate goal is to create a time capsule that captures the current state of your topic and articulates a projected future. This time capsule is planted on the school grounds …and opened ten years later. If this is done annually, then this project becomes a potent tool for the creation of valuable primary source content for future generations, in addition to the current deep exploration of content.