Texting Intelligence (H) (LA) (ST)


Texting is a viable and important literacy that is rarely used to communicate meaningful content. In this Meridian Minute, we challenge that notion and ask students to research a topic – in LA, STEAM or History; select three important core elements of that topic; and communicate that content inside of a casual texting conversation.


Texting is one of the new literacies of today’s generation of students. In this Meridian Minute, we take advantage of that native language – this literacy that is both personal, effective and non-threatening – by asking them to write, and then produce, a texting conversation that covers three important ideas about a topic of your choice. Take the Bill of Rights: imagine creating an argument between two students, over text, about their favorite Amendment? Just consider the juxtaposition of this weighty content as told through the often cryptic stutters, emojis and shortcuts that characterize texting. The results could be hilarious. And when you have a class laughing at a conversation about the Bill of Rights, then, well, you have something good going on.