Storyboarding Literary Characters (LA)


Creative digital project that asks students to approach their understanding of literary characters – or narratives in general – through a storyboard, and then combine their work into a montage of multiple, graphic perspectives.


This storyboarding lesson plan for middle and high school students, designed to last 3 -4 weeks, focuses on challenging students to develop key skill sets including digital citizenrycreativity, critical thinking, problem-solving, collaboration, independent initiative and iterative learning.

For many students writing is one of the most difficult ways to express themselves. It is, ironically, a wall to expression. And yet upon reading a short story or work of literature, these same students have many things to say about the characters and their motivations; the use of language by the author; and the sense of place or foreboding that the author has created. But writing that out may not be the best course of action. In this Meridian Stories Project, we turn to storyboarding as a unique and expressive way for students – both writers and non-writers – to communicate their understanding of literary texts.