Sister City Pen Pals (H) (LA)


Sister City Penpals is a challenge that asks you to compare a moment in the history of your town or city, with the same moment in a place on the other side of the world.


The Project: In this challenge, student teams will explore how two people, at the same time in history but on opposite sides of the world, could be so similar…or so very different. Here’s the plan: 1) Choose a town or city – your own or one nearby; 2) Choose one decade…any time before 1970. Research your town or city during that decade, selecting two events that helped to shape the identity of that town. Then, create a character who lives there; 3) NOW, choose a city on the other side of the world: anywhere but in Europe or North America. Using the same decade as above, research two significant events that shaped the future of that city. Then, invent a pen pal from that city; and 4) Create a video that documents four letters being exchanged between these two characters – along with pictures, cut-outs and knick-knacks (anything that you could put into an envelope) – that describe your chosen events within each city.


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