Short Story to Theatrical Glory


Short Stories are about using the genre’s select elements to tell a small, concise narrative that has large, universal resonance. In this Challenge, your team will create a short video, on a theatrical stage using minimal props and characters, designed to communicate the essence of your select short story, with a focus on communicating both narrative and theme.


In this Challenge, we ask student teams to act out a short story of your (or your teacher’s) choice and record it on video. The twist is that the staging must be minimalist. Using the dramatist Samuel Beckett as our model, the teams are encouraged to use color selectively, a bare stage setting with minimal props, and no more than three actors plus a narrator (if desired). In short, to communicate what your team has deduced your story means with only the theatrical necessities. Each team has a maximum of 4 minutes to communicate– through staging, dialogue, and narrative description– the story and its essence. We recommend that the script use approximately 50% from the language of the author and 50% your words.

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