Poetry Mash-Up (LA)


There’s this YouTube guy named Kutiman. He has a visual style of musical mash-up that is invigorating, fun and inspiring. In this Challenge, your team will create your own Kutiman-style mash-up, but instead of featuring music, you’ll be featuring poetry. The end result will be a new mash-up poem that combines the original verse from the poet or format you are studying, with your own poetic verse.


Known in online communities as “The Mashup Master,” Kutiman is a musician who finds other amateur musicians on YouTube and combines their separate acoustic songs to create remixed, mashed-up pieces. A Kutiman-style mashup embodies what a good mashup should: re-imagining something we already know. What makes his work so special is that it showcases individual talent while transforming existing content into something new. So, what does this have to do with English class? In this Challenge, your team will create your own Kutiman-style mashup, but instead of using music videos, you’ll be using poetry. Teams will begin with a poem, poet or poetic form that you are studying. After discussion and work with this poem or poetic form, each member of your team will write his or her own poem, and then together, you’ll combine your poems with a poem that has already been published. The poems you and your team members write can be loosely-based upon this “original” poem or styled after the format you are studying (i.e., sonnets, ghazals, odes, etc.). In the mashup, all of these poems– the ones your team members have written and the original– must be included. Paste lines over lines, add stanzas, add vocabulary; use any and all devices to make a cool new piece of poetry that, while respecting the form of the original published poem, is one that includes all of your team member’s voices and styles.

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