Local Treasures (LA) (H) (ST)


Creative digital project that asks students to explore the expertise of the STEAM/LA/History faculty at your school through short interviews to create a compendium of favorite experiments, WOW moments, books, historical stories and academic dream projects to stimulate academic interest.


This interview lesson plan for middle and high school students, designed to last 3 -4 weeks, focuses on challenging students to develop key skill sets including digital citizenrycreativity, critical thinking, problem-solving, collaboration, independent initiative and iterative learning. Students will develop these skill sets through a variety of media such as videos and podcasts.

In this Meridian Stories Project, your class is given the task of interviewing other faculty at your school. But this isn’t a ‘where-were-you-born’ interview. This is about discovering, amongst the talent around you, what sparks their academic imagination. In other words, what aspect of what they teach makes them almost jump with excitement; lightens up their face as their mind wanders to that place of intellectual stimulation. This fun Meridian Stories Project is about uncovering the exciting, but hidden passions around you and in doing so, enriching your school and personal environments, while learning.