Influential Instagrammers (H) (LA) (ST)


In this Meridian Minute, student teams are tasked with a creating 60 second video in the popular style of an “Instagram Story”, in which they will attempt to sell a particular vocabulary word or academic concept as if you were a famous Instagram Influencer – a position that actually exists!


Influencers are taking over Instagram left and right to sell companies’ products or promote certain ways of living. What this Meridian Minute is asking the students to do is to sell, not a product, but an idea, as embodied in a word. The word can be scientific, mathematical, literary or historical – and when we say ‘word,’ we mean everything from the restricted confines of a good vocabulary word to an idea or concept – “propaganda,” “machine learning,” or “metaphor” – whose meaning evolves infinitely. Students need to think about this as if a company has commissioned you to sell this particular word to the world. You have been tasked with making this word sound as incredible as possible; something people have to have. In your videos you should express a) how one would use this word; b) when you would use this word; and c) why someone would want to use this word and how using it benefits both you and society. And you’re doing it all with a few simple shots taken on your smart phone!