Inclined To Measure (ST)


This Challenges asks your team to build an inclinometer to help measure the dimensions of an existing town building. Then, assuming its imminent destruction, re-design the form and function of the building and communicate your work in a video pitch to the town council.


The Project: A building in your town is being torn down (termites!) and then re-built to the same cubic footage specifications. Your team has been asked to pitch the town council on the creation of a new building design and a new function for the new building. There are five steps to this process: 1) select a real building to replace; 2) using a team-built inclinometer, take the measurements of the height of the building; 3) using traditional means, gather other pertinent measurements, to arrive at the total square footage specifications; 4) design a new building to fit onto that building footprint (more or less) that utilizes exactly the same square footage as the original building, but looks different. Middle Schools can create a 2 –D model; high schools a 3-D model (note: You DON’T need to design the interior – just focus on the exterior); 5) brainstorm a new purpose for the building …a process in which we encourage teams to indulge in far-fetched fun: an ice cream testing facility? A Minecraft Museum? It’s up to you. In the end, prepare your video pitch for your proposed use and design of the space to the town council. The pitch must include your team’s use of an inclinometer; the building’s final measurements; a model of the new design; and, finally, your team’s argument for the new function of the building.


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