I Believe: Historical and Political Credos (H)


Creative digital project that asks students to unearth the deeply held belief systems of parties Ð countries, religions, politicians, cultures Ð that oppose each other. While this Project is written around History content, applications of this rich experience are valid in LA and STEAM.


One of the challenges of teaching History is to humanize the events that you are discussing. When the students can begin to grasp that the events studied involve real humans making heart-rending decisions in unfathomable conditions, then those events become to come alive. In short, as a teacher, you are often looking to find a way to make a genuinely emotional connection to the time, event, or person being studied. As with other Meridian Stories Projects, this one is about helping to achieve that level of engagement and therefore, understanding. It begins with students constructing their own ‘I Believe’ statements.