Green Monsters


In this Meridian Stories Challenge, your team is charged with creating a video story that is designed to educate elementary school kids about climate change by looking at the renewable and non-renewable energy use and waste around them. And how will you do that? By identifying some of the bad energy goblins right there in town and transforming them into bad guys! And, conversely, identifying some of the combatants of climate change…and making them good guys! It’s the oldest story format in the world, but it can leave a lasting impression on younger kids. And this is an impression we need to leave.


The Project: Climate change is a very real issue facing our world today, but it seems like not enough people are doing their part to help combat rising carbon emissions and other pollutants plaguing our ecosystems. How do we get people to start caring—to start doing their part? Well, one way is to start introducing the ideas of climate stewardship to a young age, like 6 to 10-year olds. What if we were able to frame the perpetrators and combatants of climate change as antagonists and protagonists? As bad guys vs. good guys? This frame of reference is something young kids are able to understand.