Global Team Building


Choose two more countries to serve on the UN Security Council and defend those choices in a 120 second video targeting existing Security Council Members.


The Project: Since its inception, the United Nations Security Council has had five permanent member countries: China, France, Russia, the United Kingdom, and the United States. With their veto authority, each of these permanent members carries enormous power over UN deliberations. The world has changed significantly since the end of World War II when the UN was formed, and the victors granted themselves permanent seats and veto authority. Now almost seventy years later, the map of global economic and political power looks very different. The Security Council no longer represents the modern geopolitical reality, and many argue that it is therefore hampering real progress in the UN’s deliberations. Your challenge is to propose a new and improved UN Security Council, by suggesting three countries you think could be added to the current group of five. Then, in a 120-second video, build your case for adding two of these countries.