Geography Jingle (H)


Creative digital project that asks students to present a portrait of a country, event or person, …in rhyme. While this Project is written around History content, applications of this experience are also valid in LA and STEAM, with a focus on topics that are more fact-oriented.


In Maine, there is the Maine County Song about the sixteen counties of Maine that most students learn in elementary school. For many teachers, elements of grammar were taught through Schoolhouse Rock, which featured songs such as “Conjunction Junction” and “Unpack Your Adjectives”. Now it’s your students’ turn to create a rhyming piece that has mnemonic qualities that will educate their fellow peers. Create a song – rock, country, rap, hip-hop – any style of music desired — that communicates, to a group of your peers, the following information about a place or region in the world: 1) Geographic location and environmental and/or urban distinctions; and 2) Historical and cultural distinctions.