Gaming Knowledge: Game Design (LA) (H) (ST)


Creative non-digital project that immerses the students in the 4C’s of 21st Century learning by asking them to playfully practice game design techniques in order to create a functional game about…whatever topic you are teaching: History, STEAM or Language Arts.


The creation of a simple game is a deeply satisfying experience. It involves problem-solving, brainstorming, creative trial and error, logic and joy: joy at having created an original and challenging game. One of the real beauties is that all kids – all of them – understand how games work. So there isn’t necessarily any content here – math or vocabulary or physics – that the students need to know in order to design a game. Everyone can do it if they are given the basic tools; the component parts (which we do!). In this Project, there is no organic digital component to increase learning and engagement. This Project has 21st Century Skills in the front and center first, and then core curricula second. In the first part, we learn how to make a game out of found objects Ð your students will have a blast. In the second part, the students must now design a simple game (now that they know how) about something…like science, or math, or theatre or….