Forecasting History (H)


Creative digital project that asks students to analyze the predicament of a situation – could be a historical situation or the current state of a country – and predict the immediate future, in a weather forecasting style. While this Project is written around History content, applications of this experience are also valid in LA.


This Meridian Stories Project looks at the inverse of history by looking forward in time and not backward. But of course, in order to successfully anticipate what may happen, we have to be informed by what has already happened: in short, history. So, this is about putting the students’ knowledge of history to work in order to help us all understand what lies in front of us. And this is also about doing it playfully – inside of a weather forecasting format. The Weather Channel is dedicated entirely to forecasting the weather. A handful of other channels are dedicated to forecasting the political future of people and places. They are, among others, Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, and PBS. In this Meridian Stories Project, we will take advantage of these synergies and ask students to become Political Scientist Forecasters.