Famous Introductions (H) (LA) (ST)


This Meridian Minute takes the format of the live ‘Speaker Introduction’ – “Ladies and Gentlemen, it is my pleasure to introduce today’s speaker here at Syracuse’s First Mathematical Convention, Archimedes. Before I bring him out, and I want to say a few words….” – and explore famous figures in History, STEAM or Literature.



The Project: We have all been to school assemblies, graduations or public events where someone stands up and introduces the main speaker. But what if that speaker is none other than…Shakespeare, Eleanor Roosevelt, or Stephen Hawking? In this Meridian Minute, you are going to produce a short recording of you introducing a famous figure – could also be a character from a novel or a real-life community hero – as if they are going to speak at your event. With this approach, we ask the students to dig below that surface and discover some of the human elements of these famous women and men. By doing so, their names, in the minds of our students, take on a more authentic and three-dimensional presence.