Creating Nature’s Beatbox (ST)


Creative digital project that asks students to explore, record, identify and mix the largely invisible but vocal animal world around them.


The Project: Whether you are taking a leisurely stroll through the woods or just stepping outside your door, the world of animals is hustling and bustling all around you. If you take a moment to close your eyes and open your ears you’ll soon be surrounded with the calls, scurrying, rustling, screeching, patting, munching, and other noises that sound distinctly like…an animal? Each sound is unique, distinct, belonging to a creature that has its own life, own place, and own role in the habitat and ecosystem that you have stumbled into. In this Meridian Stories Project, you will spend a few days outside recording sounds from the animals around you. Later, you will take these sounds, identify these sounds and then mix them together into a short original composition.