Crash Course (LA) (H) (ST)


Creative digital project that asks students to teach their peers about any topic you assign, using a popular YouTube style that involves quick talking and jump-cut editing.


Crash Course is YouTube format. It is characterized by a talking head, many jump cuts, wit, timely graphics and a formidable commitment to engage students in learning. Crash Course can take any topic – from philosophy to mythology, photosynthesis to scatter plots – and make it understandable, accessible and entertaining. In this Project, your students will create a Crash Course on a topic that you/they designate that will then be screened to the rest of class…so that they can learn about that topic as well. In short, the burden to educate has been passed onto the students themselves. And here is the really interesting part: it’s up to the students to determine what is important to know about the topic you have given them.