Chemical Dating Game (ST)


This Challenge uses a Classic TV format – The Dating Game – to explore the compatibility of periodic elements.

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The Project: The Dating Game was a classic TV series pairing ‘bachelors’ and ‘bachelorettes’ that ran from the mid-60s through the 1990s. In that TV series, one bachelor (or bachelorette) is separated by a wall from three potential dates. The bachelor asks a short series of questions to the three potential dates. After listening to the answers, and based only on this information, the bachelor chooses who their date will be: Bachelorette #1, Bachelorette #2 or Bachelorette #3. For a more complete explanation/description, search The Dating Game on YouTube.

Now, you have a chance to re-create this television format, pairing …periodic elements. That’s right: choose an element to be the subject of the show, then three elements as contestants for ‘a date’. One must be clearly the most compatible, and one must be clearly incompatible. The other? Up to you.