Book Report Ride (LA)


Book Reports can be kind of a drag. So, let’s make it into a ride. Using Minecraft or any other form of visual presentation – stop-motion, animation, live action video or graphic stills – take us on a roller coaster-like journey through three seminal scenes in your book. You pick the scenes, write the narration for this journey (only one voice), and bring us to a place where we won’t be able to resist reading the book ourselves.


The Project: You read a book. You finish a book. You are ready to move on. But your teacher asks you to linger there – to reflect upon and report on the book. The characters and scenes are all in your head, muddled perhaps, leaving fleeting impressions. You have a theme – you have discussed it in class, perhaps. That theme is maybe holding your experience with this book together. But honestly, you are just ready for the weekend. In this Meridian Stories Challenge, we are offering a different way to ‘report’ on that book; to make sense of the ideas and characters and themes and settings that the book evoked. Here’s the deal: First, get out of your own head and into the head of one of your characters. It doesn’t have to be the lead character: just one that you really like or with whom you identified. Second, from the perspective of that character, pick the three most important scenes of the book. The key here is from the perspective of that character. They don’t have to be THE most important scenes in the entire book: just the ones that mattered to that character. Third, your ‘book report’ is going to be comprised of representing these three scenes. You will want to tell us what is happening during these scenes and why these scenes are significant. And you are going to want to do this in your character’s voice. This is his or her story, not yours. Fourth, you are going to ‘report’ this visually. You will create visual representations of these three scenes and then take us on a journey to these three places; these three moments. And in this journey, we want you to provide us with a visceral sense of movement as we travel from one scene to the next – think Minecraft, animation, dioramas…so many options to explore.

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