Body Detective


When dastardly disease and sinister sickness strikes the human body, there are three key players in the battle: 1) the bad guys – the disease; 2) the victims – the body and its parts; and 3) the heroes – the body’s internal defense systems and humanity’s externally produced medicines. These three forces mix together to create a story more dramatic and mysterious than the best detective noir ever created! This is the story that you are going to tell.


In this fun Challenge, you must pick a disease of the body to explore in depth and figure out how the disease affects/attacks the body. This includes knowledge of the body systems affected as well as the different ranges of severity and types of the disease. The general knowledge of the disease and body itself will lead you to information on both the symptoms and known cures or measures to combat the illness on the inside and outside of the body. Your mission is to take this information and create a scripted drama where the disease, the targeted body parts and humanity’s defense systems are portrayed as different characters that all interact with each other to find out the truth of the disease and how best to combat it. The genre of storytelling is a detective film noir style that incorporates surprises, reveals, suspense, mystery, and a resolution. There are many ways to approach this visually and technologically. One method is to shoot the video as a straight drama in which the characters play all the biological parts. Another method is through a mixed media piece that can incorporate images, videos, text, sound, graphic creations, and perhaps even Minecraft, to create one larger story. Also, a voiced-over animation can achieve the dramatic touch necessary for the challenge. All in all, the necessary pieces to this video are the interrogation, the discovery, and the resolution. Let the biological crime commence!