Bill of Rights/Constitutional Amendments: Movie Trailer (H)


There are many stories behind the Bill of Rights and the passage of our Constitutional Amendments. Create a movie trailer about one of them.


The US Bill of Rights and ensuing Constitutional Amendments are explosive capsules of text, each of which is informed by hundreds of personalities and stories. This Challenge asks teams to create a movie trailer that tells a story behind the creation of a select Bill of Right, Constitutional Amendment, or a pivotal provision therein. For example, the movie Lincoln is all about the passage of the Thirteenth Amendment abolishing slavery. But what is the story behind the passage of the Seventeenth Amendment whereby US Senators were allowed to be chosen by popular vote instead of by State Legislatures? Or when did the balance tip in favor of the passage of the Nineteenth Amendment, which gave women the legal right to vote? Pick an amendment (or a part of one), research the tribulations that preceded its passage, and create a one-two minute movie trailer advertising a movie that is based on your select Amendment, focusing on the conflicting positions taken, the characters involved and the drama that ensued.