A Graphic Story (ST) (LA)


Here’s a graph. Neither axis is labeled. Now tell us the story of the graph. Ninety seconds only. Three edits only. Go.


In this Meridian Challenge your team is asked to create a short-format film, in which you analyze the included graph and tell its story. You will demonstrate mastery of the algebra that describes the graph, while exercising creative interpretation through your explanation of what information the graph offers. Be warned: this graph has no axes, no units, and no scale attached to it, so it’s up to you to define the unknowns and defend your analysis. Your final video will be no longer than 90 seconds, and will include no more than three edits, so brevity and clarity of communication are critical. You likely will not have time to go into great detail, so part of this challenge is to pick-and-choose the most significant, interesting, and/or striking features of the graph for inclusion in your interpretation.

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